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Benefits of membership & exam details

Information on the benefits of a membership with the ICB and details on examinations.

What is a bookkeeper?
Book keeping is a growing profession - it is demanding, exciting, challenging and above all, rewarding. It is about understanding how a business works and then providing accurate figures that enable the business to know exactly how well it is doing. For men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds it provides outstanding career opportunities.

A career in bookkeeping
Every business, no matter how large or small, is required by law to 'keep books'. This involves the recording of the financial transactions of a business, whether manually into ledgers or by entering everything onto a computer. So, if you are well organised and methodical, like working through documents and enjoy seeing a set of figures add up properly, book-keeping could be the career for you.
People of all ages are becoming bookkeepers: Young people fresh from school or college can achieve a professional qualification that opens up a whole new world of business to them or may become the first step to becoming a qualified accountant. More mature people bring years' of experience to their role and are in great demand from businesses who want a safe pair of hands. Many are mothers wanting to find a well-paid career running a book-keeping business from home whilst still bringing up their family.

You and the institute
The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers was established to provide a series of professional qualifications that reflect the needs of Business and the aspirations of people wanting to enter the profession. It exists to represent Bookkeepers at all levels and to promote the professionalism of Bookkeepers to business, government and the general public.
Becoming a member of the institute is like joining a club. You will receive strong on-going support from a team of qualified professionals. You will have access to free legal and technical advice. You will have the opportunity to meet other Book-Keepers and to update your skills through continuing professional development seminars.
The institute has more than 150,000 students and members spread across more than fifty countries, making it the largest BookKeeping institute in the world.

Benefits of Membership
The ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) is committed, not only to setting the standards for bookkeeping and helping individuals to achieve formal qualifications,
but also to maintaining those standards and continuing to provide members with full support once they have qualified.

The benefits of membership also include:
• Professional letters after your name
• Membership certificate sealed by the Institute
• Membership card
• Access to the 'members only' section on the Institute's web site
• Notification of Bookkeeping Job Vacancies in your area
• Free Technical advice line covering all aspects of bookkeeping
• Free legal advice line for business and personal usage
• Free access to technical and legal downloads
• Free updates on changes in legislation which might affect bookkeeping
• Free advice and guidance on setting up a private practice
• Free information on employment opportunities which arise
• Regional meetings
• CPD (continuing professional development) seminars
• Up to 40% off Private Medical Care with the HMCA

Applying for an Examination
We take care of this for you. As soon as your tutor is satisfied that you are ready to take any given exam we will notify you and ask you to get in touch to confirm that you wish to take the exam. On receipt of the applicable fee we will then organise this for you and pay the exam fee on your behalf without charging our registration fee.
Please note that candidates must take examinations in 'level order': this means that candidates cannot jump to a Level 3 course without completing the Level 2 examinations. The exception to this rule is for Payroll - there is only one payroll qualification, the Level III Diploma in Payroll Management, so students are not required to complete any preceding payroll levels to this qualification.
Examinations Required for Membership under the new 2014 Syllabus
Membership at Affiliate level AfICB will require completion of the level 2 Manual examinations plus the level 2 Computerised Bookkeeping examination.

Membership at Associate level AICB will require completion of the level 3 Manual and Computerised Bookkeeping examinations 

Membership at Full Member level MICB will require completion of the level 4 Manual and Computerised Bookkeeping examinations

Level 2 Qualifications
The Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping
All students wishing to complete the Institute’s examinations and achieve membership, must first successfully complete the manual exams B1 and B2 Certificate Basic Bookkeeping. Followed by the Level 2 B3 Certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping.

Level 3 Qualifications
Certificates BA4, BA5, BA6 and BA7 in Manual and Computerised Bookkeeping and Accounts 

Level 4 Qualifications
Certificates ABA8 and ABA9 in Manual and Computerised Bookkeeping and Accounts 

Pearson VUE Centre-Based Examinations
Examinations for the level 3 BA7 Certificate and level 4 ABA9 Advanced Certificate in Manual Bookkeeping are delivered through Pearson Vue. Pearson Vue centres currently deliver the Driving Theory Test and have over 5000 test centres in 162 countries, and over 200 centres in the UK. The exams are computer based and can be taken at any time subject to availability at your nearest test centre. Your nearest centre can be located on the Pearson Vue web site.
Mock exam simulations are available in order to familiarise with the exam process.

Home-Based Examinations

The levels 2, 3 and 4 examination B1, B2, B3, BA4, BA5, BA6 and ABA 8 are computer based online exams. This change in format has proven a great benefit for our students in so much as you now receive an instant result. Online mock exam simulations will be provided for our students prior to booking exams.
The Diploma in Payroll Management exams are sent by e-mail and downloadable on Fridays. Students are allowed up to two weeks to complete and upload to the ICB for marking. Results are issued directly to the student within one calendar month of receipt of a completed answer paper.
Completing an Examination Abroad
Log on details will be emailed to you.
Your centre-based examinations BA7 and ABA9 can be taken at your nearest Pearson Vue test centre.

Deadline Dates
Home-based examinations are issued to candidates every Friday. Application deadline date is 12:00 midday on the Thursday. If you have pre-booked an exam but then wish to cancel your examination, you will also need to let us know by this time too.
Centre-based examinations Depending on test centre the exams are available week days and in some cases weekends and evenings. Please check with your nearest centre.

Congratulations to our Students who passed their exams in May 2013 achieving an average score of 94%.


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I have done a lot of professional exams through my career,
and this level and speed of feedback is quite exceptional
in comparrison to previous experiences.

I am finding the delivery of the training and the feedback very much to my liking.
I definately think that you are on the right track with this.
Stuart Clarke

A quick thank you for your patience and endurance with my mocks for ICB Bookkeeping level 1. I did actually pass (97%) and feel this is down to your hard work.

I really like your speed, materials and quaity tutor support
A Clemenson

Have found course manual and instructions are well written and easy to follow.
C Thomas

Excellent course and excellent tutor feedback
M Hogan

I'm very pleased to tell you that I got a Distinction with 100%.
So many thanks to Training Link for your excellent course material and example assignments.
G Ormiston

The workbooks are very informative and enjoyable to work with
C Spencer

Really enjoyed the course. Simple to follow instructions
S Preychodny

I found the course notes very straight forward and easy to follow never having used Sage before
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