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Sage 50 Accounts level 3

Sage 50 Accounts Level 3 Advanced Course Home Study
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* Course based on NEW version V19 2013*

Advanced Course for Sage 50 Accounts Professional

Training pack includes:

Chapter 1 ~ Before You Start
Installation of Exercise Files
Default course folder for exercise files
Re-installing exercise files
Alternative installations for multi-user environments
Using personalised course folders
Using a diskette

Chapter 2 ~ Working with Sage Line 50

Microsoft® Windows versions
Different Sage Line 50 versions
Avoiding the loss of data from a ‘live’ version of Sage Line 50
Working with Sage Line 50 as a single user or in a shared
environment with multiple users?
Working through the chapters
Using the ActiveSearch popup lists
Course aims

Chapter 3 ~ Getting Started

Starting Sage Line 50
The ActiveSetup Wizard
Entering a password
The Tip of the Day dialog box
Restoring data for the first time
Setting the financial year
Backing up for the first time
Summary ~ Getting Started

Chapter 4 ~ Importing Data

Preparing data for importing
Importing customer records
Performing the import
Checking the customer records
Summary ~ Importing Data

Chapter 5 ~ Setting up Departments

Why use departments?
Setting up departments
Summary ~ Setting up Departments

Chapter 6 ~ Setting Budgets

Entering nominal code budget details
Advanced budgeting method
Choosing the budgeting method
Setting your budget by department
Checking the departmental budgets
Running a Variance Report
Using one year’s actuals for the next year’s budget
Summary ~ Setting Budgets

Chapter 7 ~ Setting up Discounts

Customer discounts
Discount by invoice value
Discount by product quantity
Copying an entire discount matrix
Copying part of a discount matrix
Applying a customer discount
Settlement discounts
Discounts by invoice item line
Product discount scheme descriptions
Summary ~ Setting up Discounts

Chapter 8 ~ Quotations

About quotations and converting quotations
The Convert quotes to option
Creating a product quotation
Checking the discounts that have been applied
Adding the customer quotation reference
Adding carriage and settlement terms
Entering an expiry date for the quotation
Saving and closing the quotation
Creating a service quote
Allocating a sale to a department
Adding the customer quotation reference
Printing quotations
The Invoicing window
Summary ~ Quotations

Chapter 9 ~ Converting Quotations

Winning and losing quotations
Convert/Set as Won
Lost/Set as Lost
Set as Open
Winning a quotation
Losing a quote
Retrieving a lost quotation and winning it
Marking the quotation as open and revising it
Winning the order and converting the quotation
Summary ~ Converting Quotations

Chapter 10 ~ Pro-forma Invoices

Creating a pro-forma invoice
Producing the pro-forma
Add the new customer
Adding the service details
Printing the pro-forma
Processing the payment on account
Creating the invoice
Allocating the payment on account
Summary ~ Pro-forma Invoices

Chapter 11 ~ The Euro & Other Foreign Currencies

The euro
Sage Line 50, the euro and foreign currencies
VAT and VAT codes for EU transactions
Setting up the Foreign Trader option
The Foreign Trader Setup Wizard
Setting up the currency table
Setting up currencies
Foreign currency bank accounts
Setting up your foreign bank accounts
Summary ~ The Euro & Other Foreign Currencies

Chapter 12 ~ Invoicing in Euros

Creating a sales invoice with a euro total
Adding a new EU customer
Entering the order details
Checking the tax code and department
Completing the sales order
Printing the sales invoice
Adding a euro sales invoice
Checking the tax code and department
Printing the service invoice with a Euro Total and update ledgers
Summary ~ Invoicing in Euros

Chapter 13 ~ Receiving Payments in Euros

Updating the currency table
Updating currencies
Receiving euro payments
Entering another euro cheque
How Sage Line 50 has dealt with the exchange rate variance
Summary ~ Receiving Payments in Euros

Chapter 14 ~ Paying Foreign Currency Invoices

Entering supplier invoices
Setting up the supplier default currencies
Entering euro currency supplier invoices
Entering supplier invoices in currencies other than euros
Paying foreign currency invoices
Checking the supplier activity for exchange rate variance
Summary ~ Paying Foreign Currency Invoices

Chapter 15 ~ Contra Entries
What is a contra entry?
Entering the purchase invoices for the customer/supplier
Entering contra entries
Checking the supplier and customer balances
Summary ~ Contra Entries

Chapter 16 ~ Batch Payments

Entering the supplier invoices
Entering batch purchase payments
Printing cheques
Summary ~ Batch Payments

Chapter 17 ~ Changing Posted Records

Adding incorrect payments
Checking the audit trail
Using journal reversals
File maintenance
Editing the record
Checking the petty cash account
Account activity
Summary ~ Changing Posted Records

Chapter 18 ~ Batch Changes & Global Changes

What are batch changes?
Making a batch change to customer settlement terms
What are global changes?
Making global changes to sales prices
Using the Global Update Wizard
Checking the product sales prices
Changing specific records
Summary ~ Batch Changes & Global Changes

Chapter 19 ~ The Opening and Closing Stock Wizard

Calculating the cost of sales
Using the Opening and Closing Stock Wizard
Checking the Profit & Loss report
Summary ~ The Opening and Closing Stock Wizard

Chapter 20 ~ Analysing Budgets & Departments

Analysing the budget
Viewing the departmental budgets
Analysing department sales & expenditure
Departmental profit and loss report
Summary ~ Analysing Budgets & Departments

Chapter 21 ~ The Audit Trail

What is the audit trail?
Viewing the audit trail
Printing the audit trail report
Clearing the audit trail
Summary ~ The Audit Trail

Chapter 22 ~ Report Designer Basic Skills

About reports and layouts
Using the Report Designer
Objects that can be found on reports
Basic skills
Selecting objects
Customising a customer letter
Starting the Report Designer
Open an existing layout
Preview and Designer view
Saving a layout with a different filename
Tooltips and selecting objects
Displaying tooltips
Selecting objects
Deleting objects
Moving objects
Adding text and variable objects
Editing a text object
Simple formatting
Changing a layout name
Closing Report Designer
Using your new letter
Summary ~ Report Designer Basic Skills

Chapter 23 ~ Report Designer More Skills

Opening an invoice form for editing
Customising the invoice
Adding variable objects and their titles
Adding an image
Final changes
Using the customised invoice
Deleting a layout
Summary ~ Report Designer More Skills

Chapter 24 ~ The Sage Report Wizard

Creating a new report
Creating the customer telephone list report
Changing the page setup
Moving fields
Saving the telephone list report
Changing the report title
Accessing the new report
Deleting a report
Summary ~ The Sage Report Wizard

Chapter 25 ~ Project Costing

What is project costing?
Setting up project costing
Activating project costing
Setting up project statuses and cost codes
Setting up resources
Using project costing
Setting up the project record
Entering purchase invoices
Posting stock to a project
Posting non-stock items to a project - project only costs
Assigning resources
Analysing the project
Adding budgets
Project enquiry
Raising the sales invoice
Project credits
Raising the sales invoice
Billing the customer
Completing the project
Project reports
Summary ~ Project Costing

Chapter 26 ~ Setting Passwords & Access Rights

Setting password access to Sage
Setting a company password
Testing the company password
Removing company password protection
Setting up individual password protection
Setting up users and limiting what they use in Sage
Deleting logon names
Summary ~ Setting Passwords & Access Rights
Appendix A ~ The ActiveSetup Wizard

On average this course will take between 10 and 15 hours to complete

NB - Software not compatible with macs

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I have done a lot of professional exams through my career,
and this level and speed of feedback is quite exceptional
in comparrison to previous experiences.

I am finding the delivery of the training and the feedback very much to my liking.
I definately think that you are on the right track with this.
Stuart Clarke

A quick thank you for your patience and endurance with my mocks for ICB Bookkeeping level 1. I did actually pass (97%) and feel this is down to your hard work.

I really like your speed, materials and quaity tutor support
A Clemenson

Have found course manual and instructions are well written and easy to follow.
C Thomas

Excellent course and excellent tutor feedback
M Hogan

I'm very pleased to tell you that I got a Distinction with 100%.
So many thanks to Training Link for your excellent course material and example assignments.
G Ormiston

The workbooks are very informative and enjoyable to work with
C Spencer

Really enjoyed the course. Simple to follow instructions
S Preychodny

I found the course notes very straight forward and easy to follow never having used Sage before
A Carne

Angela was great. Thank you so much for all your help and support
Sara Carey