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Sage 50 Accounts level 1

Sage 50 level 1 Beginners Course
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* Course based on NEW version V19 2013*

Beginners Course for Sage 50 Accounts Professional

Training pack includes:

Chapter 1 ~ Before You Start
Installation of Exercise Files
Default course folder for exercise files
Re-installing exercise files
Alternative installations for multi-user environments
Using personalised course folders
Using a diskette

Chapter 2 ~ Working with Sage Line 50

Windows versions
Different Sage Line 50 versions
Avoiding the loss of data from a ‘live’ version of Sage Line 50
Working with Sage Line 50 as a single user
Working with Sage Line 50 in a shared environment
with multiple users
Working through the chapters
Course aims

Chapter 3 ~ Program Basics

Starting Sage Line 50
The ActiveSetup Wizard
Entering a password
The Tip of the Day dialog box
The main program window
Modules, windows and views
Multiple windows
Toolbar buttons, tasks and links
Getting help
Exiting Sage Line 50
Summary ~ Program Basics

Chapter 4 ~ Getting Started

Restoring data for the first time
Setting the financial year
Backing up for the first time
Summary ~ Getting Started

Chapter 5 ~ Account Names & Numbers

Debit and credit
Double entry book-keeping
Viewing the accounts list
Printing the current list
Viewing and printing Nominal List report
Account ranges
Transactions and double entry
Changing account names
Control accounts
Summary ~ Account Names & Numbers

Chapter 6 ~ Bank Receipts

Entering a bank receipt
Saving a transaction
Summary ~ Bank Receipts

Chapter 7 ~ Bank Payments

Bank payments
Entering bank payments
Summary ~ Bank Payments

Chapter 8 ~ Financials

The financial state of the company
The Trial Balance report
The Profit and Loss report
The Balance Sheet
Summary ~ Financials

Chapter 9 ~ Customers

The Customers module
Entering a new customer
The Customer Record Wizard
Adding more customers
About selecting customers
Editing customer details
Changing the address details
Agreeing terms
Customer delivery addresses
Customer address lists
Summary ~ Customers

Chapter 10 ~ Suppliers

Supplier details
Editing the supplier record
Summary ~ Suppliers

Chapter 11 ~ Service Invoices

The Invoice window
Service invoices
Create a service invoice
Entering order information
Footer and payment details
Printing invoices
Updating ledgers
Viewing customer and invoice information
The Customers list
The Customer Dashboard
The Invoicing window
Re-printing the invoice
Summary ~ Service Invoices

Chapter 12 ~ Products

Adding new products
The Product Record window
Non-Stock and Service items
Summary ~ Products

Chapter 13 ~ Stock Control

Stock adjustments in
Stock adjustments out
Stock returns
Product activity
Re-order levels
The Product Dashboard
Summary ~ Stock Control

Chapter 14 ~ Product Invoices

Product invoices
Sales details
Giving discounts
Order details
Footer and payment details
Adding an invoice with a customer delivery address
Adding a further invoice
Mix and match invoicing
Printing the invoices
Changing an invoice
Adding carriage charges
Updating the ledgers
Adjustments in
Summary ~ Product Invoices

Chapter 15 ~ Product Credit Notes
Product credit notes
Summary ~ Product Credit Notes

Chapter 16 ~ Reviewing your Accounts

The financial state of your company

Chapter 17 ~ Sending Statements

Customer Dashboard
Account balances
Aged debtors analysis
Summary ~ Sending Statements

Chapter 18 ~ Customer Receipts

Customer receipts
Automatic allocation of receipts
Manual allocation of receipts
Partial allocation of receipts
Giving a discount
Payments on account
Summary ~ Customer Receipts

Chapter 19 ~ Customer Activity

Customer activity
Summary ~ Customer Activity

Chapter 20 ~ Purchase Invoices

Supplier details
Batch invoices
Supplier account balances
Summary ~ Purchase Invoices

Chapter 21 ~ Supplier Payments

Payments to suppliers
Making a payment
Printing remittance advice notes
Printing cheques
Supplier activity
Summary ~ Supplier Payments

Chapter 22 ~ More about the Nominal Ledger

Journal entries
Nominal code activity
Nominal Ledger Graph
Nominal records
Summary ~ More about the Nominal Ledger

Chapter 23 ~ More about Bank Accounts

Bank transfers
Combined payments
Printing cheques via the Bank Payments window
Petty cash transactions
Summary ~ More about Bank Accounts

Chapter 24 ~ Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation
Grouping bank transactions
Reconciling your bank account
Add an adjustment
Summary ~ Bank Reconciliation

Chapter 25 ~ Recurring Entries

What are recurring entries?
Adding new recurring entries
Adding a receipt
Adding journal credits and debits recurring entries
Setting up a bank transfer recurring entry
Editing an entry
A recurring entry processed weekly
Processing recurring entries
Suspending postings
Deleting recurring entries
Summary ~ Recurring Entries

Chapter 26 ~ VAT Returns

Notes on VAT returns
Producing a VAT return
Printing the VAT return
Reconciling the VAT transactions
Updating the VAT account references
Using the VAT Liability Transfer Wizard
Paying the VAT
Summary ~ VAT Returns

Chapter 27 ~ Reports & Information

The Audit Trail
The Period Trial Balance report
The Profit & Loss report
The Balance Sheet report



On average this course will take between 10 and 15 hours to complete

NB - Software not compatible with macs

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I have done a lot of professional exams through my career,
and this level and speed of feedback is quite exceptional
in comparrison to previous experiences.

I am finding the delivery of the training and the feedback very much to my liking.
I definately think that you are on the right track with this.
Stuart Clarke

A quick thank you for your patience and endurance with my mocks for ICB Bookkeeping level 1. I did actually pass (97%) and feel this is down to your hard work.

I really like your speed, materials and quaity tutor support
A Clemenson

Have found course manual and instructions are well written and easy to follow.
C Thomas

Excellent course and excellent tutor feedback
M Hogan

I'm very pleased to tell you that I got a Distinction with 100%.
So many thanks to Training Link for your excellent course material and example assignments.
G Ormiston

The workbooks are very informative and enjoyable to work with
C Spencer

Really enjoyed the course. Simple to follow instructions
S Preychodny

I found the course notes very straight forward and easy to follow never having used Sage before
A Carne

Angela was great. Thank you so much for all your help and support
Sara Carey