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Monthly Payments

All the courses listed on this page can be purchased using our monthly payment scheme.
Please click on the link, open and print of the pdf document. Fill in the details required and post to the address provided on the form.

If you don't have access to a printer or having problems printing then please contact us by phone or email and we will send you the form in the post.

ICB Level 1 Basic Bookkeeping
ICB Level 2 Manual Bookkeeping
ICB Level 3 Manual Bookkeeping
ICB Level 2 Computerised Bookkeeping

ICB Level 3 Computerised Bookkeeping
ICB level 3 Payroll Management

AICB-ICB Levels 1 and 2 Manual and Level 2 Bookkeeping
MICB-ICB Levels 1,2 and 3 Manual and Level 2&3 Computerised Bookkeeping

ICB Complete Package

Credit Agreements
Instalment Plans
In the case where a student opts for a monthly payment scheme a Credit Agreement between Training link Credit (the Lender) and the Customer yourself (the borrower) will be set up by which the Company agrees to lend and the Borrower agrees to borrow the amount of any credit shown on the following terms and conditions
The student is requested to quote his/her Agreement/College Number in all communications with Training link Credit. This number will be issued along with your courseware.
In the case of any changes in the studentís address, the student must notify Training link Credit immediately.
You agree to pay us the balance payable by the instalments and at the times shown on Direct Debit, Bankers Order or Access/Visa withdrawal form or at such other times as we may notify to you having regard to your wishes.
If you are late in paying any instalment, you will pay us, if we so require, interest on the instalment from when it was due until when it is paid at the rate of interest chargeable on the loan or in the case where no interest is being charged a late payment or default fee.
If you have chosen to pay by Debit/Credit Card instalments then the first payment of the plan will be taken on the date you purchase the product.
The instalments after will be taken on one of two dates depending on first initial payment. Either 1st or 15th of the month.
For example if the invoice date is 22nd May, then the additional monthly instalments will be taken from your debit/credit card starting 1st July, 1st August etc.
So if you purchase on the 10th May then start of the monthly payments would be 15th June.
Please contact us ASAP if you are issued with a new card so we can update our payment schedule records. Same with a change of address.
Non-Payment of Course Fees
If you are paying by instalments and your card is declined or a standing order is not paid we will have the right to cancel your course and or take legal proceedings against you. It is the borrowers responsibility to ensure that all payments are made to the lender on time.
Your support and certification right s will be suspended until the full amount of the course is paid for. Same for if you finish the course before your final payment is made
then no certificates are issued until full amount has been received.
Please note that even if you choose not to continue with the course at any time the whole amount outstanding is still due as all tutor fees have been paid and you have entered into a legal binding contract to pay the full amount.
If at any time during the repayment period the borrower experiences financial difficulties it is the borrowers responsibility to contact the lender to negotiate an alternative repayment schedule or method. However this can result in further administration charges being added to the borrowers account.

Congratulations to our Students for maintaining an outstanding first time pass rate through 2018


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I have done a lot of professional exams through my career,
and this level and speed of feedback is quite exceptional
in comparrison to previous experiences.

I am finding the delivery of the training and the feedback very much to my liking.
I definately think that you are on the right track with this.
Stuart Clarke

A quick thank you for your patience and endurance with my mocks for ICB Bookkeeping level 1. I did actually pass (97%) and feel this is down to your hard work.

I really like your speed, materials and quaity tutor support
A Clemenson

Have found course manual and instructions are well written and easy to follow.
C Thomas

Excellent course and excellent tutor feedback
M Hogan

I'm very pleased to tell you that I got a Distinction with 100%.
So many thanks to Training Link for your excellent course material and example assignments.
G Ormiston

The workbooks are very informative and enjoyable to work with
C Spencer

Really enjoyed the course. Simple to follow instructions
S Preychodny

I found the course notes very straight forward and easy to follow never having used Sage before
A Carne

Angela was great. Thank you so much for all your help and support
Sara Carey